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Upcoming Events!

Troop 714 is adding these events to the calendar, as approved at the PLC on 4/25/2022:

Troop Meetings 7pm-8:30pm:

  • May 2: Flags- Knot Dragons, Activity- Bacon Bandits, Skill- Aye Aye, Service- 09

  • May 9: Packing Olympics at Lions Lakeside Park

  • May16: Reptiles and Amphibians MB

  • May 23: PLC, 7-8pm

  • May 24: Committee & Parents' Meeting

  • May 30: Health ABC due for Tomahawk

  • June 6: Tomahawk Bear & Tick education

Troop Events & Activities

  • May 5: Eagle Summit, Glen Carry Lutheran Church (for Star and Life scouts and adults)

  • May 14 -15: Hike-a-thon Camp Out at Bunker Hills Recreation Area

  • May 20: Park Terrace School Carnival

  • May 20 - 21: O/A Conclave

  • June 12: Family Fun Night (MN Red Bulls), Arden Hills Armory

  • July TBD: Minecraft Night Online

New Merit Badges


(No activities submitted or approved by PLC)

Important Dates to note:

Mothers Day: May 8th

Memorial Day: May 30th

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