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Tomahawk Need to Knows

Sunday June 19th Meet at Lakeside Lions Park by 10:00am for Gear Check. Parents need to stay until your scouts gear is completely checked in and on the trailer. We plan on leaving the park at 11:00am. Scout Class A Uniform is required to be worn. NO NECKERCHIEFS OR SLIDES!! We will be stopping mid way to Tomahawk at a gas station for a stretch break. Scouts should bring a bagged lunch or take the chance with gas station food with your own money. The packing list is on the website, and will be sent out in a separate email. IF YOU NEED TO CARPOOL TO TOMAHAWK YOU NEED TO CONTACT US ASAP!!! If you are planning on driving and are willing to take some scouts please let us know as well. Deadline for Health Forms was today (6-1-22). We are returning Saturday the 25th meet at Lakeside Lions Park in the afternoon. We will update and communicate the closer we get to the end of the week an exact time.

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