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STEM Fair! (Service Hours)

December 8th • Park Terrace Elementary

Here is that description for you!

"We will have the scouts stationed in the library with the Bakken Museum representative, Will. There will be three stations, so we hope to have 2-3 scouts at each station in the library. The stations are the following:

  • Static Electricity – using a Van de Graaff generator to play with the fun, eye-catching, finger-zapping experiences with static.

  • Nano-bookmarks – participants get to design their own bookmark, which then gets coated in a layer of nail polish that gives it a colorful sheen akin to an oil slick. Fundamental science concept is about how light behaves uniquely through different mediums. 

  • Stomp Rockets – a basic engineering challenge using craft materials to design a paper rocket that participants get to launch themselves.

Will said that the scouts should be in the library by 4:30 to hear instructions from him. They will be in charge of directing kids what to do and will explain some of the science behind some of the gadgets he brings (Will will make sure that the scouts are prepared before 5pm!). It would be great if the scouts could be there at 4:15 or so to help set up even! Let me know if you need any more information and I will be happy to send you that information as soon as possible."

Justine Tschida

4th Grade Teacher

Park Terrace Elementary

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