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Eagle Cave: carpool info and packing list

Updated: Jan 26

Packing List:

We will meet at the VFW parking lot to load the carpools at 5pm, leaving no later than 5:15. It's a 4-hour drive each way. Please be on time. We anticipate arriving at the cave around 9:30. That's pretty late for the Cub Scouts, and you'll still need to carry in your gear and set up your sleeping area.

We will plan a rest stop for BATHROOMS near Rochester, MN. You should eat before the VFW or bring a dinner with you to eat on the way. No food is allowed in the cave, so no extra snacks are needed. Eagle Cave supplies the Cracker Barrel of donuts and hot cocoa.

Bring a source of money if you want to have spending cash for other snacks or souvenirs.

Necessities To Bring With You That Are A Must

  • Winter Sleeping Bag

  • Sweats and knit cap to sleep in

  • Foam mattress, cot or air mattress

  • Flashlight or head lamp

  • Plastic drop cloths or camping tarps to put under sleeping gear (2) under and one over your gear during the day

  • Old clothes for exploring (sometimes clay doesn't wash out and yes, you will get dirty or possibly wet!)

  • EXTRA CLOTHES (Always have enough dry clothes to wear)

  • Extra shoes, boots, clothes, hats, gloves, etc. (Always have enough dry clothes to wear)

  • Snow pants

  • Toiletries & Toothbrush

  • Towels

  • Spending cash if preferred (for game room / gift shop / snacks / extra beverages)

  • A couple plastic bags for wet or muddy clothes OR to keep items dry

  • Water bottle

  • Troop's first aid kit


Buy old clothes from a thrift shop for a couple bucks and throw them in the dumpster when you're done or if you have a rain gear set that's waterproof, it usually works great. To ensure you won't loose anything of great value leave items at home or locked in your car. Label your cell phones or make sure mom, dad or home is programmed in so that if it is lost, we can find the owner. Also make sure your wallet has your ID name in it. A troop # or your group's name can be even more helpful if it happens to be found after the weekend happens to be over.

NOT Necessities But Things You Might Wish You Brought With You

  • Knee pads for exploring down under, crawling around in subterranean tunnels

  • Some kind of head protection such as a bike helmet, hard hat, or as little as a baseball cap or thick knit hat

  • Ear plugs and eye masks if you're a light sleeper

  • Sled if desired. NO RAIL SLEDS (sleds that roll up or inflate are great for cargo space)

  • Hand held GPS if desired for geocaching

  • Troop flag


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We will be having our Committee/Parents meeting tonight at the VFW 7:00 pm. We have a lot to talk about so parents should make every effort to be there.

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