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Jeremiah is (this close) to earning Eagle Rank. He needs YOUR help. His project is to assemble ~1000 sandwiches to benefit homeless people in our community via the charity beneficiary Love One Another.

Jer has raised the money, done the research, and gotten the supplies. Now he’s organizing the labor needed for making 1000 sandwiches.

We will help Jer with his sandwiches on Sunday, JULY 10th from 2-4pm at the VFW.

Extra volunteers are welcome!

Donations are welcome, too!

Safety: Because we are handling food, anyone who has any symptoms of any illness should stay home. There will be gluten, and a lot of it. There might be ham, but no-contact jobs are available.

Someday you may be looking for help with your Eagle Project. It’s good to see how it’s done by being there to help others. A Scout is Helpful. We want full attendance to help Jer meet his goal. Please be there!

Download PDF • 789KB

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