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It's time to RENEW!

BSA Renewal season is upon us. It's time to RENEW for the coming year.

  • Who: Everyone!

  • What: 2022-2023 Membership Renewal

  • Where: Visit

  • Why: Scouts BSA is awesome!

  • When: ASAP

  • How: Add your Scout/s under Renew CURRENT Youth and complete the application. Remember to apply for financial assistance by checking the box during registration!

This QR code will get you where you need to go. Remember to register for Troop 3714 (boys) and Troop 5714 (girls)

Adults, choose Renew Current Adult Leader or Register New Adult Leader. You'll need to know your BSA number and YTP date. If you need some help with the application, please let Gwen know or ask your Scoutmaster.

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