BSA’s National Fees are changing in 2020 for 2021

There have been rumors about changes to the fees that will be charged for Scouts and adults in coming months. Our council, Northern Star Council, has decided to absorb the interim fee increase effective for 2020. Therefore we will not see any change to our fees paid in November or December of this year.

What will be coming in 2020 for 2021 is uncertain. Scouts BSA will be changing their business model of minimum per person fees augmented with “Family Friends of Scouting” to fees that more accurately reflect the true costs of running the program. This is the business model of nearly all other youth programs today (sports, etc).

With this shift in fees collected will also come a shift in what we pay extra for. National will likely drop charges for some rank advancements, provide $ towards camp fees, cap per family total $s and other possibilities. The new fees will also likely be payable in quarterly instalments rater than annually. They will work on coming up with a fee structure and the other changes over the next few months. They say we will have all of the details in March.

Please join us at the parent’s meeting Tuesday November 19 at 7pm. We will discuss what we know now and begin planning how this will affect our Troop’s activity fee structure.

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